Swimming facts

However, these weird swimmer facts will provide a whole new perspective to the weird swimmer mindset! Elephants can swim as many as miles a day — they use their trunks as natural snorkels! Niagara Falls has enough water to fill up all the swimming pools in .

Over of world-class swimmers suffer from shoulder pain. Swimming has been a part of the Olympics . Here’s the lowdown on a few of our favourite interesting swimming facts. The oldest swimming stroke is Breaststroke, which is also the slowest .

Swimming became an Olympic event in 190 but women weren’t allowed to compete until 1912. Fanny Durack of Australia became the first female to win a gold . Get information about swimming from the DK Find Out website for kids. Find out more facts about swimming as a sport for kids with facts from DK Find Out.

Get information, facts, and pictures about swimming at Encyclopedia. Make research projects and school reports about swimming easy with credible articles . Swimming has a history filled with tons of interesting, and maybe even useful, facts! Whether it’s for exercise, cleanliness, competition, or fun, swimming is an activity that everyone can join in on once they know how. Education and information about healthy swimming and recreational water, including fast facts and interesting information related to .

Find out more facts about the history of competitive swimming at the Olympics. Swimming was one of the original nine sports at the 1986 . Find out about synchro with our guides to the sport. View synchronised swimming facts, synchronised swimming rules and guides to routines. Swimming is an individual or team sport and activity.

Competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports, with events in butterfly, backstroke, . Did you know that of the population in the United States doesn’t know how to swim? Check out this swim-fographic with facts about swimming pools. Swimming History: Unusual Facts and Figures.

The skill of swimming has been known since prehistoric times. Check out this awesome “swim-fographic” about . This summer, millions of Americans will be flocking to swimming pools for some fun in the sun. But while taking a dip is a great way to beat the .