Micropore tape for scars

Micropore tape is a paper tape used to dress wounds and secure. It is also commonly recommended to minimize post-surgical scar formation. I am weeks post op and at my surgeon appointment today she said.

Taping surgical scars is a gold standard way of helping or assisting scars . I am a huge fan of 3M Micropore Tape for scar management. I have my patients begin using the micropore tape. I am wearing micropore tapes over the incision sites but wonder how long I. Thereafter, massage is the best method to soften and settle scars. Find out more information about the scarring you might encounter as a result of. Micropore tape, easily purchased from most chemists, is flesh coloured and . Massage; Taping; Moisturising Scars; Sun Avoidance. Adhesive paper tapes such as Micropore, available at pharmacies, can reduce the possibility of scars . A scar develops as part of the normal wound healing.

We’ve noticed that quite a few people are wondering if micropore tape or similar adhesive tape can be an effective substitute to silicone scar . My PS sent me home with the Micropore tape. Infact I was the one that suggested to most posters to start using it, as I think it has kept my scar .

Optimal over-the-counter treatment of such scar tissue may consist of;. Steristrips or Micropore tape are well known names used for this . Included in this discussion are sunscreen, scar massage, hydration. How to break up C Section scars with the FasciaBlaster ! I haven’t had my 2nd check up yet so I am still using micropore tape, still wearing. I didn’t have anything over my scars after my first check up. I’d like to give the scars so more protection and want to avoid them stretching as my Caesar one has. Our aim was to measure the effects of the micropore taping on abnormal scars.

Twenty-nine consecutive patients with a total of abnormal scars were entered . I had my one month post-op today and my PS gave me micropore tape instead of silicone sheets. Anyone else used that, and if so, how are . People often think that a surgeon’s scalpel is even sharper than a razor. And that it takes real effort for a surgeon making a skin incision to know . After one month the Micropore tape has done its job and it is time to start scar.

Specialist surgeons like Mr Banwell will always tape your scar line for the first weeks after surgery.