Body butter how to use

Body butter is a skin moisturizer that typically contains cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil or another vegetable-based oil. This step by step video guide will teach you how to use and apply body butter or any other type of lotion. Discover Shea Body Butter – an intensive and creamy all-over body butter.

Use Shea Body Butter to treat dry skin wherever it’s needed. Wonder which butter is best to use in skincare creations? This post is about understanding body butters; discussing the different kinds, what . Body butter is perfect for smoothing and soothing dry, flaky elbows, heels, toes – anywhere you need an extra moisture injection.

If you don’t use it already, one to consider adding to your list is body butter. However, in order to know when to best use it, as well as how to . Your hands will especially love you for using body butter to soften them. Depending on the dryness level, use a little each day or use as a night . Our deliciously fruity body butter will melt into your skin, for an intensely moisturising experience.

Reveal silkier-softer, strawberry scented skin after every use. I know you’d have to use a very small amount as it’s probably pretty rich, but .